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To start, parentage simply refers to the identity and origins of one’s parents, which can be an important step in anyone’s life. Essentially, it brings about differences between family and family law, for example, parenting time, even inheritance issues- all topics that child support and custody lawyers take care of.​

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Here at Vaclavek Stassen, P.C, we want to be by your side on every step of the way; similarly, we want to play a significant role in helping people to determine the parentage of their children. Now, determining parentage is a simple process that can be done through various ways like a simple DNA test, through signing a statement of paternity or by behaving in a way that implies that you are the parent of the child. 

Along with this, we help multiple married and unmarried couples to determine the parentage of their children. Establishing parentage can be an important step towards the bigger picture, such as making things easier at the child custody center, parental time or simply, to provide healthcare for your child; our firm helps to highlight both mothers and fathers. If you have any additional queries about determining your parentage, then contact our firm, at Vaclavek Stassen, P.C at (847)387-3793 or (847)380-0561. Make your life decisions easier through our firm, acting as a child support calculator.

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The highlight of our practice is the people within it, our team members are the very best in their fields with adequate training to make sure that they know how to handle situations. Their topmost priority is your comfort and your win.

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